Friday, 30 November 2007

The Sabbaticals respond - well, kind of...

EUSA-less wrote to Tom French and Josh MacAlister asking if they wanted to comment on the emails we've put up proving that the Vice President threatened the Student newspaper with a ban from EUSA property (see the evidence here)

Tom French refused to give his own comment and merely told us he agreed with Josh.

Josh MacAlister commented
"Tom and I get on really well so this isn't an issue."
That's all very well and good Mr. MacAlister, but what of the more pressing issue concerning your Vice President threatening student societies?

Did you not think that this was worthy of a statement from your office? Can you not measure the gravity of the situation facing you as your Vice President's credibility as a student leader is seriously compromised?

Get a handle on the situation now Mr. MacAlister.


We've received a request to print the rest of the email sent from Mr. MacAlister. We inititally decided not to as it was even more irrelevant to our request for our explanation of the threatening behaviour. But in the interests of free speech, here it is
"On a general note, this blog is really interesting. We try our best to represent students and do a good job. However, if people have got concerns, criticisms and suggestions then the whole team would be more than happy to sit down and see what we could do better or change."
So, if anyone does have concerns, criticisms and suggestions after reading our blog, you know who to go to!