Wednesday, 21 November 2007


For years EUSA, the Edinburgh University Students Association, has acted without restraint. It has bullied the societies it is meant to protect, it has submitted itself to control from left-wing political parties, it has failed in its mandate to deal with student's day to day problems, it has run its finances into the ground and it has developed a terrifying press machine, run by highly paid mercenaries, which has prevented criticism from any source being aired.

The time for this has ended. EUSA spends your money on what they want. There is no check for EUSA, no balance, no counterweight. It has 26,000 members, of which perhaps 1.5% are actively involved in voting for its motions. Yet it continues to spend up to £7m of OUR MONEY annually.

This blog is here to counter-act the EUSA press machine, to subvert it, and to allow the real truth to out. EUSA has the potential to be such a massively powerful force for good. Let's start here.