Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Does ANYBODY know what's going on with the demolition of Potterow? The press articles just say it's going to be replaced with a facility "suitable for Festival use," which is undoubtedly a good thing for EUSA, but there's not much detail.

But how long is the process going to take? Is EUSA being compensated in the meantime?

As far as EUSA-less can tell, Edinburgh City Council has been under mounting pressure to redevelop that whole area mainly due to traffic complaints. Now they're doing it, Edinburgh University is rightly piggybacking on this and getting Potterow demolished (probably subsidised by the Council).

But what's replacing it? Have EUSA been informed? And by this, I mean the Students in Edinburgh University Students Association - 26,000 of them.

Word on the grape vine is that Student newspaper bravely attempted to write a story about this, but EUSA refused to answer their emails or pick up the phone when they got in touch for more information.

It reeks of a cover-up; they're covering up the fact that nobody knows what's going on, there's no contingency plan and there's no sodding sensible leadership at EUSA on this.