Monday, 3 December 2007

Trouble in paradise?

Today's Journal made for some interesting reading this morning. Not only did they cover our blog in gory detail (THANK YOU!!!) but also there's a nice little piece about Tom French being acquitted from that indecent behaviour saga.

Its clear to see that things are not quite as cosy at the top as our noble President made out in his last statement to us.

Here is a little game of spot the difference loyal readers:

a) "Tom and I get on really well so this isn't an issue." Josh MacAlister in an email to EUSA-less
b) "Mr French has lodged a counter-complaint against the mishandling of the investigation by EUSA, including leaking of the allegations to the press and the "general procedure" followed.
The conduct of EUSA president Josh MacAlister and the lack of support given to Mr French were criticised in the counter-complaint. Mr French has asked that Mr MacAlister's communications with the EUSA-funded newpaper, Student, be investigated for suspected breach of data protection laws and association policies. " The Journal

Keep and eye on this one people.. could get messy.

But in reality are these investigations actually going to find anything out? Well they are undertaken, it seems, by one of EUSAs very well paid permanent staff, Mr Graham Boyack, the permanent secretary to the Association and also its Returning Officer. Hardly the most partial of opinions. This looks to me like the sort of investigation that Gordon Brown would instigate... but that doesn't surprise me either. These investigations should be undertaken by someone from outside the inner working circle. Why not start with the University.. it does after all keep EUSA afloat with seven figure cash injections every year...