Sunday, 6 January 2008

Welcome Back..

Ah dear readers another year, another term and another horrendous journey back to the great city we all call home. Ok not sure why the EUSA-less narrative suddenly took a turn for the David Copperfield there but welcome back.

Its great to see so many of you remained active on here over the holidays and great to see the festive spirit of joy and compassion was particuarly evident in the comments sections. hmmm.
(And incidently who were 50 or so people according to our hits counter who were on here on Christmas Day?)

EUSA-less was takin' it easy this hols with our feet up gently stuffing christmas pudding into our mouths so apologies for the delay in getting back to the emails that have been piling up but we are back and ready for action. Look out for us in the next few weeks in a variety of different places other than this site.

We have been bombarded in the last week with various emails requesting we take this site in different directions. Many of you seem content with the open forum to vent all that steam you seem to love to build up and spew across our comments section, though others are erring on the side of caution and would like to see more constructive debate. EUSA-less is inclined to go with the constructive arguement side.

Others have got in touch asking us to be an election watch site similer to that of EUSA's favourite Mr Jordan Diaz Dias last year.. again this an appealing option.

We would like to hear what you want to see out of this site in the coming term.. Lets have an open thread debate in the comments below with any suggestions for how we can work together for a better site and ultimatly a better Association.

Be nice children. You naughty ones get EUSA-less in ever so much trouble with all your rants and raves.