Saturday, 16 February 2008

Can't a man eat his Pot Noodle in peace?

Ok so you are baying for more infomation and I am sure the rest of the team won't mind me pushing Monday morning's update forward 24 or so hours.

Ok so re sabbs this is what we have so far:

VPS - Rosy Burgess vs. George Thomas vs. Bruce Golding

This one will be interesting. Rosy Burgess certainly deserves it yet no doubt George will put up an impressive fight. Though do we really want George in charge of the pounds and pennys given the little freshers week finance debacle. cough cough.

VPAA - Guy Bromley vs. Stewart Martin vs. Andrew Weir

Guy seems to have forgotten he is meant to be running his campaign.. website website website. And Stewart could well sew it up with "don't be that guy!" as his slogan.

VPSA - Naomi Hunter vs. Phil McGuiness

Jury is out on this one. Both need to up their game and get their message out there

But seriously kids it Saturday night and the pot noodle is going cold.

Keep up the chat. This is as much about your opinions as it is a bunch of people with nothing better to on a Saturday night than blog. But lets hear your views....

Business as usual Monday kids...