Saturday, 23 February 2008

A day at the races...

So it looked like it was going to become a two horse race, but the silent and elusive Mr. Ward decided that ignoring the students was the best way of dealing with his deceit.

Still no word from him…

And then suddenly there were four…

By all accounts 4th year Philosophy student and SRCer Gabriel “Gabe” Arafa took everyone by surprise in his decision to join the usual suspects in the quest for the top.

Mr Arafa a former Residents Assistant left it to the very last min to get involved, though with the speed his website went up it can only be said that this was a pre-planned move.

With the race for President having been thrown wide open by “School-Gate” (You can have that one Student/Journal/Dias!) Gabe could well capitalise from being a late arrival on the scene.

Best of luck to him and we look forward to hearing some solid policy in the next few days;

His website can be found here:

In other news the polls on the left show just how interesting these elections are going to be. In monitoring these polls we noticed no hint of foul play and none of the results leaping up abnormally quickly this time round, a factor that has sadly drawn Poll 2 into question.

Both President and VPS look extremely tight and too close to call. It seems that who goes out in what round is going to be crucial for the big one.

Hunter clearly has some strong competition now from PolSoc’s James Gribben. Another late candidate in the VPSA race has really spiced things up.

VPAA seems to be Guy’s at the mo, though Stewarts orange posters seem to be everywhere. As for Weir? Sorry to be harsh but just but a “d” on the end…

So less than two weeks to go... You’ll read it here first.