Monday, 18 February 2008

Someone wants something kept quiet...

Ok so Adam has quite a list of things he is clearly proud to have supposidly achieved so far...

...Yet there is one very big thing Adam has done, the lynchpin of his experience and he doesn't seem too keen to talk about.

Lets have a closer look...

There he is, Adam Ramsay standing for the Green Party as a regional list Member of the Scottish Parliament in May 2007.

Another unsuccessful campaign for Mr. Ramsay...

You can find this infomation on any of the websites that covered the Scottish Parliament elections in any depth such as here:

+++Yet not a squeak about it in the long list of Adam's "Experience". +++

Did you really expect this not to be publicised Adam?
Do you take the students for fools?

There are now some serious questions that must be answered:

1. Why did you try to hide this Adam?

2. Who will you really answer to Adam? Will it be the students or The Green Party bosses who selected you and hold your future parliamentry prospects in their hands?

3. Why are you so adament to win the Presidency Adam? Is it that you really care or are you just using it as a training platform for your future career in the world of politics and NGOs?

4. What else is there lurking in your cupboard- anything else the electorate should know?

1715hrs. Response from Ramsay Street:
"I have always been open about the fact that I am a member of the Scottish Green Party. I am a member because I believe in what they stand for, and that electoral politics can make a difference. My campaign has the support of members of the Greens, the SNP, Labour, the Lib Dems, the Socialists, and a Tory. Every candidate in this race has associations with a political party. As President I'll answer only to Edinburgh students. If I was a careerist, would I have joined the Greens, or Labour? I have already clashed with the Greens over free wifi. I'm happy to do so again when they get things wrong."
Hmmm doesn't really answer the questions though does it. We want to know why you found it necessary to attempt to hide the candicicy by ignoring it?