Friday, 8 February 2008

+++ URGENT +++

The comments on our last post are disgusting.

We have a policy here at EUSA-less never to delete a comment though. We would like to urge the authors of the mindless bigotry to do the noble thing and delete their foul hatred themselves.

However we are pretty split about this amongst our team. Therefore we would like to give you the power to decide what you want us to do. We are pretty sure what the answer will be but its the principle of letting you choose that is key. The survey on the left will be open for 48 hours. We will immediatly act on the result.

Come on people, there is free speech and then there is idiocy. Don't ruin this forum. We have a pretty bad rep already but if you take time to read through all of this site the most controversy has come from the comments left by readers, rather than anything we put out.