Monday, 11 February 2008

+++Ward is go+++ (UPDATED)

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE is now live. Some good manifesto pledges although still trying to get our heads round how voting for Nick will make us all £3000 richer (presumably not going down the bribery route here are we?).

Interesting to note that Nick thinks he has more life experience than the other candidates because he plays the tuba and owns his own flat.

Tuba-playing flat-owners are a large demographic in Edinburgh, but I wouldn't say he was "your average Joe" with those credentials. As for having taken a gap year - dude, it's Edinburgh!

Good luck to him though, hopeully his expanded manifesto will be revealed soon...


Nick Ward's Facebook group has gone public in the wee hours of this morning after being hidden from our eager eyes all yesterday despite numerous sources telling us it was out there.
Website surely imminent.

Interesting slogan for his campaign - "Choose Change".. surely Ward is the candidate of experience and "a safe pair of hands" etc. Will be interesting to see in the morning what the two manifesto's are really like. Harry Cole has been advertising his manifesto launches all week and it seems this has led Nick at least to jump on the big launch bandwagon with both candidates heading out to the central areas and KB in the next few days.. Nothing yet really from Ramsay Street.

They are off and gathering pace...