Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Comment spamming

Dear EUSA-less readers,

Overnight it seems that around seventy pointless comments were posted across the blog.

It's fairly obvious that these originated from EUSA officials, who displayed their usual sense of "professional integrity."

We accept that much of what we say has probably caused personal offence to some of the sabbaticals, no names mentioned but our attacks are meant only to publicise the wide ranging flaws in their personalities which make them unfit for office.

We have, in fact, held back on many accusations. Since this blog has started there have been a dozen or more emails from supporters, containing anecdotes about the sabbaticals which we could not publish. Needless to say, we're shocked at some of what you guys get up to...

But in due course, our blog will begin the serious work of debating the reform of EUSA. There are some serious constitutional changes needed from top-to-bottom, and we intend to be in the vanguard of this.

Think of this blog as clearing the decks, expunging the bad blood, highlighting what placing power in the hands of poorly-formed characters can do to an organisation. We have a few serious scandals to expose and then you can listen to our proposals...

So, what to do about the comments posted by EUSA officials? We have been asked by four or five people to turn on moderating of comments.

We're not keen to turn on moderating, it's an obvious infringement of free speech.

But from now on, if comments are clearly off topic (i.e. Lord of the Rings etc), or have any legal implications, they will be deleted.

It is also completly unacceptable to pose under names of real students at this university. We have recieved complaints of this happening and it is not on.

Thank to all of you who read the blog and support us, your emails and messages of support are much appreciated...