Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Tom French - Consider your position, NOW!

Tom Tom Tom...EUSA-less really aren't very impressed with you.

Tom French, as you all know, is under investigation for an alleged indecent sexual act in Teviot Library Bar.

Well, we say investigation, it's much more likely that it'll all be brushed under the carpet if nobody stands up and demands an explanation. Knowing student politics, this might well have happened in the past, but not any more...

Tom is strangely absent from EUSA at the moment - the question is, is he suspended or is he on "compassionate leave?

We numpties at EUSA-less were under the impression that if you were granted "compassionate leave" it was because of something sad, terrible etc beyond your control...oh how we are mistaken.

This power-hungry, Labour-loving, back-stabbing, office-abusing specimen, totally unfit for his position, has decided that it's not his fault that he got caught romping round Teviot with his boyfriend, oh no, it's something that we should all feel very sorry for him about, we should still pay him and let him sit at home twiddling his thumbs and crying about what a misrepresented poor boy he is...

GROW UP! You are being groomed for Labour party politics, you know it, we know it, they know it.

Stand up and explain what the hell you were doing in the Library Bar!

If you can explain it, fair enough. If you can't, you should resign. It's a good lesson to learn Tommo, now, while you're still young...it's much worse out there, believe me, and the shit really sticks.

Right now, you are responsible for four Union buildings, up to £7m of EUSA spending each year, a large body of bar staff, supervisors, bar managers, and the safety of all who enter the Union houses.

You are faced with serious allegations which compromise your integrity as an individual and your suitability for office.

You should NOT be sitting at home, on OUR TIME, setting up "hilarious" Facebook groups called "Vote Tom French #1 as EUSA's worst sabbatical." Ironic, haha, all very funny for you and your merry gang of supporters.

But GET A GRIP - in public, in general politics, you'd be out by your ear, strung up, on the front page of The Daily Mail being hammered for an indecent act you should have known better about.

I call on all of you who read this blog, be you friends/supporters of Tom French or not, to seriously consider whether he is a proper representative of the Edinburgh student.

Whether his example should stand as an example for all.

Whether he should be at home laughing it off with frivolous Facebook antics.

Whether he should be considering his position.

Whether he should be involved with EUSA at all.