Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Confused? EUSA-less are....

Compare this from the EUSA website 2007 -

"In order to secure a world leading student experience here at Edinburgh, you need a powerful Students’ Association that focuses on meaningful local issues that it can materially change."

Meaningful local issues. LOCAL issues.

Now look at this motion for this years AGM...
This Association notes:-
1. That Edinburgh University Invests in TOTAL Oil.
2. That according to Burma Campaign UK, TOTAL have deployed Burmese
army troops to police their pipeline, despite the army’s poor human rights
record which includes forced labour, forced relocation, torture and rape.
3. That according to Burma Campaign UK, TOTAL is the major European
funder of the Burmese regime.

This Association believes:-
1. That TOTAL’s investment in BURMA is not acceptable.
2. That it is not in line with the aims of the university to invest in TOTAL.

This Association resolves:-
1. To pressure the University to disinvest from TOTAL.
What exact brand of Morrocan hashish were these pot-smoking hippies smoking when they decided that policing Burma was "a local issue?"