Thursday, 22 November 2007

Someone's getting paid a lot...

After examining the annual reports of EUSA - the Edinburgh University "Students Association," EUSA-less has uncovered that one senior member of EUSA is being paid up to £80,000 a year for his services. To put this in perspective -

  • That's over three times the average wage for an individual in the UK
  • That's over two-and-a-half times the average wage for an entire household in the UK
  • The average wage across the entirety of EUSA is just under £9,000 a year (probably because many of it's staff are part time)
EUSA is a registered charity. Under UK law this means that only half of it's staff are allowed to be paid at all. You would also assume that as a student association, where money is tight and many people volunteer their services, that no big suit would think to take advantage of the system and pay himself a nice big paycheck every month.

EUSA-less is almost 100% sure who this shameless man is, when we can be sure, we will name and shame here.

Watch this space...