Sunday, 25 November 2007

EUSA paid for party conferences

EUSA-less has been reading through some of the minutes from EUSA meetings and has unearthed something slightly disturbing from the records.

Last year, EUSA paid for Tim Goodwin, president, to attend the Labour party conference. This cost us £100.

They also paid for him to attend the Lib Dem and SNP conferences. The total bill came to £230.

There are two points to be made here

1) As a keen Labour supporter, Tim Goodwin would have gone to the Labour conference anyway, and so should have paid out of his own pocket.
2) In his capacity as President, it's perhaps understandable that he should attend all the major conferences. That's right - "ALL THE MAJOR CONFERENCES." What happened to the Conservative Party conference?

Stop paying for your party political sabbaticals to go to events they'd be going to anyway, and for god's sake make sure they go to all of them