Sunday, 25 November 2007

"Fuck You" - A response

In light of the following comment posted today concerning the allegations of improper lewd conduct against our favourite VPS Tom French, EUSA-less would like to go on record for the time being in stating that we will not be commenting on this issue until EUSA release the findings of their investigation.

So its hush hush from us on this one. Period.

We of course have utmost confidence that EUSA wouldn't dare try somehow fix the findings of this investigation...

This is what the "Former EUSA Monkey" had to say though...


Why has this not happened yet?

Why has EUSA gone so quiet about this issue?

Why has French not been suspended while the investigation takes place?

How can he be allowed to hide behind the homophobic card - the issue is his behaviour, not his lifestyle?

Will EUSA please release the outcome of their investigation.

Can we be assured of French being fired, or resigning (if he has the guts) if he has been found to lie?
I know I am not alone in having delt with this lying, cheating scumbag as I was there when he was climbing the greasy pole of the EUSA ranks alongside him. He has proven whatevery feared when he was elected. This spiteful and vicious coward is not up for the job.

EUSA's 25,000 members deserve to know the FULL STORY.

And the whole truth...

Instead of people saying FUCK EUSA they should instead turn to Mr French and say FUCK YOU SIR.
25 November 2007 16:07 "