Monday, 26 November 2007

EUSA - By students, for Labour!

As those of you who read this blog know (and after just a week there are about 350 of you!), one of the key objections that EUSA-less has against EUSA is how it is so tightly controlled by external political parties.

How many of our so called "student leaders" are in fact Labour party stooges?

In particular, this comes to the fore when the President, Josh MacAlister, abuses his position as President to spout out the party line from Labour HQ.

Josh, a proud New Labour supporter, came out in the press recently as being in strong opposition to the SNP's distribution of nationalist flag packs to universities for use on St. Andrews day.

EUSA-less doesn't necessarily agree with these flag packs (they're undoubtedly a waste of money and a kick in the teeth considering the recent cut in university funding) but when our President uses them as a way to attack the SNP from his Labour camp, the issue becomes serious.

The President is pushing his luck when he decides to mouth off to the newspapers under blatant instruction from No. 10. He's been doing it for a while too, have a look at this quote from The Independent from the 28th June (just after he started his presidency)

"Overall, Gordon Brown's record over the past 10 years has been pretty good. Britain is a much better place now..."
Pretty generous.