Monday, 26 November 2007

Aikman congrulated clubs for cheating

Aikman, Vice President Societies and Activities, admitted to the Student in late October that he condoned the behaviour of two societies who formed a syndicate at a Potterow competition, walking away with £500 in cash!

The scandal was covered in the Student newspaper. So what happened? Was it cheating?

The prize of £500 was to be awarded to the society that brought the most members to the fundraiser event at Potterow. Members of the Netball and Cricket clubs claimed they were Netball club members and had a pre-arranged agreement to split the prize. Of course they walked off with it, leaving the Swimming and Waterpolo clubs, who played fair, in the dust.

Gordon Aikman didn't seem too shocked by this behaviour, despite the fact that those cheating bastards at the Netball and Cricket clubs were clearly hijacking the generosity of the fundraiser!

He said to the Student

“Students were free to name any society or sports club they wished on the door. While it would appear that the Netball Club has collaborated with another sports club, I would congratulate them for organising and using their initiative - ultimately more sport clubs will benefit from the prize money as a result.”
Yes you read right, Gordon Aikman, Vice-President with all the morality of Maradona, thinks cheating is "Using their initiative" So not only are you condoning the clear case of cheating Gordon, you're congratulating them for coming up with the idea!

Some pretty dubious moral stances are being adopted by these utter cretins at the top of the EUSA pile, EUSA-less advises caution...