Monday, 26 November 2007

Labour and P&P candidates a-plenty - where's the balance?

Here's a post from the EUSA forums, speculating about possible candidates for 2008 elections.

President: Guy Bromley (Labour Student), Ben Miller (P&P/Labour), Adam Ramsay (P&P/
Green), Nick Ward (Labour Student), Tom O'Grady (Labour),

VPSA: Katherine Sellar (Labour Student), Nick Ward (Labour Student)

VPS: Katherine Sellar (Labour Student), George Thomas (?), James Wallace (Tory)

VPAA: Guy Bromley (Labour Student), Bruce Golding (Labour Student), Ben Politowski (?), Kwan Ting Chan (Tory), Thomas Graham (Labour Student),
So for President, if you don't like the left wing, you don't get a look in...someone sensible should stand!

Obviously the above is just speculation from some randomer, but it's amusing to see the rundown of candidates and their unofficial sponsors...