Friday, 23 November 2007

Tony Foster - man of leisure

So continuing on the snooping theme, EUSA-less dropped in on Tony Foster's Facebook profile. For those of you who don't know him, he's the EUSA "Communications Advisor," a rather ominous title which basically puts him in charge of propaganda for EUSA. He was the man who banned The Journal from student property and also the chap who keeps deleting our posts on the EUSA forum. In addition he keeps a pretty tight rein on what the Student newspaper prints by controlling it's advertising revenue.

He's also very highly paid, although we can't disclose exactly how much...yet.

So here's a little about one of the guys who you're paying for

Under "Activities" he says

"Feet firmly on the table and delegating as much responsibility as possible."
Cheers. Nice to know you're doing so much hard work for us!

He then goes on to explain how he's going to spend his generous pay package (supplied by us students!)

Under "Interests" he says

"Wondering what shoes to buy to make the view so much better."
So basically, Mr. Foster, what you're telling us is, despite working for a charitable students association and getting paid absurdly generously by those students, you do literally sod all and spend all day dreaming about your next trip to Russel & Bromley?

Thanks, you chump.