Thursday, 29 November 2007

Vice President of EUSA threatened Student newspaper & slagged off President

Apologies to return to a bit of mudslinging but this one really can't be helped, especially as it is from impeccable sources and backed up by written evidence.

The Student newspaper published a story in week 2 of this semester about rising drinks price in the Unions.

Tom French, Vice President of Services, threw a hissy fit; calling up the editor and claiming the prices were wrong. The drinks prices had in fact been confirmed by another source, Tim Gee (last year's Vice President).

Despite it being basically one man's word against anothers, Tom French fired off a hugely unprofessional email worded

"You can go ahead and withhold a correction, but if you do we (EUSA) might have to consider withholding your right to distribute on campus buildings"
That's right, Tom French threatened to ban Student because it printed some drinks prices he didn't agree with. Surely an example of that power-hungry, office abusing little specimen we've been banging on about...

The situation culminated apparently in a two - hour slanging match over the phone, in which Tom French verbally abused the editor of Student newspaper and even slagged off the President with

"yeah he likes to act like a hard-man but he really isn't, he gets upset about everything"
Well, sorry to drag Tom French into this again but it really looks like he did a bad job here - threatening a society with sanctions while slagging off his colleagues at the same time.

Make your own conclusions about the clique running EUSA now, do we want a change? I think we do...