Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Why opt-in would work...

Student unions across the world tend to be dominated by the left-wing.

This is because the left-wing thrives on collectivism, the supposed ability of a huge body of individuals to club together and convince others (or bully others) into doing what they want (look at the trade unions)

However, if you stop listening to them and start listening to sense, the argument for opt-in student unions is incredibly strong.

If an organisation claims to represent you, you should have a choice in whether you are a member.

If an organisation provides a worthwhile service, that service will be worth paying for.

Very few students in relative terms actually vote in elections. So claiming that a president or vice-president or other elected EUSA official was chosen by Edinburgh students simply isn't true.

Instead, if EUSA could show off a large list of students who had volunteered to be part of the Association, and were even prepared to pay for the services they received in return, then they could say in all honesty that they were acting in the best interests of a large body of students.

Voter-turn out would surely go up.

Unions do not require compulsory membership to operate. Just as a society is bonded together by common personal interests, unions should join people together in a common interest of wanting to get a better deal.

What do you all think?