Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Dirty tricks...

First of all apologies for the lack of activity on the EUSA-less blog, exams etc have been getting the better of all of us.

But just when we thought the term had ended without another EUSA-less scandal, a chap called Harry Cole got in touch.

Apparently he's been accused of writing this blog (he doesn't!) on the grounds that's he's allegedly running for president in February.

Harry contacted us by email with some worrying allegations. According to him, mysterious creatures of the night have been threatening him by phone.

Allegedly, at 2am last Wednesday morning, his phone went off with a private number, and a voice saying "Don't mess with what you don't know". A similar phone call happened at 12.30pm on Thursday.

Harry refused to comment on whether he was actually running or not. In a statement to EUSA-less he said he was humbled by the number of people who have got in touch urging him to do so.

Pretty dirty tricks in any case. Harry's asked that we implore whoever was behind those calls to stop, otherwise the police may have to get involved.

Tut tut whoever you are...