Monday, 17 December 2007

Talking of elections...

As term draws to an end and we all go home for Christmas, our thoughts turn towards next term's elections. EUSA-less isn't interested in the speculation of candidates and who's in and who's out but if comments on here are anything to go by it does look like this election is going to get messy.

It's fairly clear that EUSA has an image problem and where better to begin rectifying that by giving the election process a kick up the behind... completly open and totally accountable.

Given the shame the Labour Party is in nationally and especially in Scotland do we really want "Labour Students" in control of the election? Given how corrupt the professional party seem to be, who knows what the amateurs get up to.

Sniping aside its time for another debate:

Electoral Reform Services is the world's leading independent supplier of ballots and election services. They have overseen elections for all of the major political parties, other student unions and countless other organisations.

EUSA-less would like to hear a decent arguement against having ERS oversee EUSA elections...

Posting will be quiet in the next few weeks.. Mulled wine and that.