Friday, 25 January 2008

And so it begins...

Well it looks like this years presidential campaign is off to an early start with Harry Cole pipping everyone to the post when it comes to websites. In a press release he sent to our email account, he tells us that he stood down from the Tories last night as Vice-President & Treasurer in order to fight as "the truly independent candidate." Looks good, although his manifesto is yet to be published and that is where the bread-and-butter of this election will be decided.

According to our sources, he announced his presidential bid formally at the Tory Burns Dinner last night at the Scottish Parliament. He also resigned from the Conservative Society in order to fight as an independent.

Our source tells us that there may be a split opening up in the Tories though, one of the guest speakers had received an anonymous email about Harry which she clearly disapproved of, and there are rumours that Richard Mabey, chairman of EUCUA, doesn't approve of Harry going it alone.

Meanwhile an exciting leak from the Green camp - somebody calling themselves "Eusafull" tells us;

"1) Adam Ramsay is running for president (again). Dariush was meant to be the far left/ P n P candidate but Adam pulled rank at the last minute. Dariush is very angry.
2) Adam, although being elected by hundreds of students to represent them has only attended 1 Student Council meeting. A disgusting and arrogant record.
3) Adam was pushing Sam Hansford to stand until he decided to stand himself.
4) Adam is disliked by the majority of P n P
It seems that mr Ramsay just cannot get the hint. He is arrogant, lazy and incompetent. Stop him EUSALESS!!!"
So it looks like a split down both the Tories and the Greens - listen to us when we say that party politics in EUSA must end!