Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Cheers Josh

Cheers Josh, for sending out the information about motions for the General Meeting, just TWO DAYS before the deadline.

By the way if you wanted to pass a motion, you had just 48 hours to
  1. Think of it.
  2. Research it.
  3. Write it.
  4. Get 100 students to sign it.
  5. Tell students who hadn't heard of the General Meeting until then, to come.
Those of you who managed that, well done (the deadline is 12pm tomorrow)

Thanks to the reader who wrote in highlighting this. Sorry to quote without permission but he tells us that

"i emailed him on the matter but he never replied."

Josh, give people more notice and improve accessibility for all. Please please please. And reply to your emails.

In addition, don't lie to people on your NUS campaign website Josh. He claims that he will make a commitment to students above his political party (i.e. Labour).

"My record couldn’t make this clearer. For three years I have continually stood up for the interests of students over political parties, whatever belief they hold."
Yeah right.